Is it necessary to use a pad when you are not on your period?

Pads absorb menstrual blood so that you can carry on your normal life during periods, but have you wondered if you can wear pads every day? Actually, you can, but not your regular sanitary pads. There are specially designed pads available in the market called panty liners, which can be used even when you're not on your period.

Pantyliners are much thinner and comfortable than pads, and they are excellent to absorb everyday discharge and sweat. You can wear a liner every day if you want to stay fresh and dry all day. Liners are a lifesaver for women with heavy vaginal discharge, as it is much easier to change a liner than to wash soiled underwear. It is also a good idea to wear a liner on the days preceding your periods to add an extra layer of security and prevent your favorite underwear from getting stained!

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