Dealing With Uncomfortable Odors

We all know the feeling of going to the bathroom to find out that we have some peculiar odors going on down there. Perhaps you are on your period and need to change up your pad, or you may have just given birth and are dealing with different urination patterns that make it difficult to control when you leak a little bit. Odor can affect our confidence and can make us worry that others can smell what we smell. A prime example is when we’re at the gym.At Lhamo Pads, we understand the struggle, so we created products to solve this problem.


Herbal Essence Helps Combat Odor

Odor can come from a variety of sources. Of course, it is always important to consult your gynecologist or physician if you feel like you have been dealing with different odors, or something that is very unlike your usual smell. However, it is normal to have a different smell after events like childbirth, or during your period. To this end, we have a solution for the uncomfortable moments: herbal essence-infused sanitary pads. After all, we use them to fix many other problems, so why not this one?


Our pads contain herbal essences including mint, rose, and lavender to help you combat the odors. Of course, it does not make them go away, but it freshens things up when you feel like you need it most. The times of being uncomfortable with your natural smells are gone forever with our 100% pure cotton, herbal-essence infused pads that fight period odor and urine odor. This helps you go through the day confidently and can help you feel much more self-assured. Who doesn’t like a good confidence boost?


Try them out today and let us know what you think!

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