Boosting Your Mood in 3 Easy Ways

We all go through the same phase: for a part of the month, we feel groggy, tired, and we might not know why. Perhaps it only lasts a few days, and then the dreaded time comes: our period is back. Of course, it’s normal to have days throughout life where we don’t feel great. We are sad, maybe we feel a bit lonely, or we get frustrated and irritated very easily. The fluctuating hormones going through our bloodstream can make it hard to feel like we are in control of our emotions. Nevertheless, if you feel low, like you aren’t yourself, or if you are struggling with your mood, there is no need to panic! Here are three ways to try out to boost your mood.


1. Self-Care

When we think about self-care, perhaps we automatically think of something along the lines of taking a long bath or doing our nails. However, there are other options! Self-care is anything that helps you feel more grounded, at peace, and calm. So, indulge in self-care whenever you feel low. If meal-prepping is your thing, go for it! Meal prep for the week. If you like going on a run in the sun, try going for a short run (it can also help against menstrual pain!). Otherwise, if all you need is a day in bed with a nice-smelling candle and a movie marathon, treat yourself.


2. Reach Out to Friends

We know – when you feel low, perhaps the last thing you want to do is talk to people. However, it might be just what you need. If you feel particularly sad or lonely, giving a call to your best friend or someone you care a lot about can be a simple solution to the problem. Before rolling your eyes and thinking really, that’s the tip??? Try it out. You’ll be surprised at how much laughing on the phone with a friend can change your mood within a matter of minutes.


3. Write Down Your Accomplishments

Now, this one may be a bit different. When we feel low, it can feel like everything is going wrong. Because of this, simply changing our mindset from one focused on negativity to one that’s all about seeing the glass half full can do wonders. Make a list of all the accomplishments you have made over the past few weeks. Take a moment to let it sink in and congratulate yourself.
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