Best Pads for Sensitive Skin

Did you know that the pads you are currently using may be full of toxic chemicals that may irritate your skin? In fact, most pads and tampons nowadays are treated with products such as bleach to clear the pads of any bacteria, but unfortunately; there’s a major downside: when the products used to this end are harsh chemicals, they can harm you more than you may think! Instead, why not use pads that are safe for you?


All Natural Pads

For pads to be safe, they do not need to be treated with harsh chemicals that harm your health. This is why at Lhamo, we choose only the finest cotton for all the layers of our feminine care products. That’s right: all layers! Although companies may say that they use natural cotton, it doesn’t mean that all layers are made from this material. Be careful!


Chemical-Free Pads

Lhamo’s pads are also chemical-free. You will never find bleaches, dyes, chloride, pesticides, or any other harsh chemical in any of our products because we know the harm it can do. Instead, we give you all-natural products that are treated with plant extracts to provide you with various health benefits. For example, the extracts are excellent at fighting against bacteria and inhibiting its growth. So, no need for chemicals that make your skin itch and burn. Instead, only a good experience and a fresh feeling.


Throughout your life, you will go through hundreds of menstrual cycles. By exposing yourself to these harmful chemicals every month, you are harming your body in ways that are not necessary. Make the switch today! Try out our Lhamo herbal pads and see for yourself how much better of an experience you can have when you have the right products in hand.

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